Hanger Unit Bearings

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Hanger bearing units install on equipment on a steel tube. The pedestal of a hanger bearing unit usually has a threaded hole that allows easy installation and maintenance. Motion Industries offers a selection of cast iron, pressed steel, stainless steel, or thermoplastic housings fitted with a full range of spherical outside diameter bearing inserts. Cast iron and pressed steel hanger bearing units match with heavy duty agricultural and industrial applications. Stainless steel hanger bearing units type work for the food industry and other hygienic applications along with other demanding environments. Thermoplastic housings for the bearing units work for less demanding applications while providing an easy-to-clean surface.


AMI UCHPL205MZ2RFW Hanger Unit Bearings

600 min-1 2700 kN
710 min-1 174 mm

AMI UCHPL205-16MZ2RFW Hanger Unit Bearings

8.25 mm 85 mm
49 mm GS 89309

AMI UCHPL205-14MZ2RFW Hanger Unit Bearings

2800 rpm 3400 rpm
3400 rpm 1900 rpm

AMI UCHPL204MZ2RFW Hanger Unit Bearings

219 mm 675 mm
5400 kN 520 mm

AMI UCHPL202-10MZ2RFW Hanger Unit Bearings

85.9 kN 441.325 mm
64.294 mm 34 kN

AMI UCHPL204-12MZ2RFW Hanger Unit Bearings

45 mm M 45x1.5
13 mm 0.31 kg

AMI UCHPL203MZ2RFW Hanger Unit Bearings

11 mm 247 mm
200 mm 1.51 kg

AMI UCHPL202MZ2RFW Hanger Unit Bearings

88009 0.64 mm
16.40 mm -

AMI UCHPL201-8MZ2RFW Hanger Unit Bearings

0.1 kN 0.021 kg
5.4 kN 28 mm

AMI UCHPL207MZ2RFCW Hanger Unit Bearings

190.5 mm 61.913 mm
120.65 mm 34.925 mm

AMI UCECH211-32TC Hanger Unit Bearings

192 mm 22.3 mm
700 min-1 360 mm

AMI UCHPL201-8MZ2RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

1 pcs Negotiable